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Besides astronomy and writing about astronomy, I also enjoy going hiking with my husband and exploring the countryside. You never know what you might find.

Walking also entails taking lots of photographs, which often means that it can take quite a long time to do a relatively short walk!

I love to play music. I play traditional Irish, some acoustic rock, and a little classical. My instruments are the guitar, flute (wooden and silver), penny whistle, and keyboard.

I'm fascinated by geology and palaeontology, and an interesting rock formation will definitely be another reason for a very slow-paced hike.

I like to cycle (why would you want to commute any other way?) and I also go running occasionally. I don't do very long distances, but I'm quite content with 5km for now. I've recently taken up crochet, although I have a long way to go before I can complete a project without mysteriously losing/gaining stitches.