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I was the editor of Popular Astronomy magazine, which is available to members of the Society for Popular Astronomy. Below are the issues that I edited from 2016 - 2018, along with highlights of the features and interviews in the magazine. Clicking on the cover image will list the full contents on the SPA website.

May - June 2018

The invisible Universe: the story of radio astronomy - Brian Faulkner
Gravitational waves: what have we learned so far? - Dr Steven Thomson
Impact Scotland! - Keith Wilson
Venus, unveiled - Joe Scaife
March - April 2018

The planet that never was - Bryan Woods
Highlights of the Spring Milky Way - Dr Mike Inglis
A heavenly bird - exploring Corvus - Martin Griffiths
Thirty years of H3+ in Space - Prof Steve Miller
January - February 2018

The mystery of brown dwarf formation - Chrissy Mitchell
Beam me up, Scotty? - Dr Jan Drozd
Report of the total solar eclipse 21 August 2017 from Wyoming - Peter Parish
November - December 2017

Introduction to variable star observing - Tracie Heywood
Solar sketching - capturing the Sun's dynamic surface - Deirdre Kelleghan
The Winter Milky Way - Dr Mike Inglis
Magnificent mergers: the reshaping of galaxies - Osnat Katz
September - October 2017

Late arrival - Steve Hubbard
Triple stars for small telescopes with SynScan - Martin Whillock
Cassini-Huygens: Science achievements, end of mission, and legacy - Dr Scott Edgington
Bring me the event horizon - Dr Steven Thomson
Eye on the Universe - Sixty years of the Lovell Radio Telescope - Brian Faulkner
July - August 2017

Centenary of the Hooker telescope - Bryan Woods
The Inca Milky Way - Keith Wilson
Making astronomical discoveries on cloudy days: The Society for the History - Bob Bower
Darkness at noon: total eclipses of the Sun - Terry Moseley
SPA? That will do nicely! - Graham Sparrow
May - June 2017

Revealing Pluto's new horizons - Nicholas House
Looking back at comet Hale-Bopp - Stuart Atkinson
Big telescopes: the future is nearly here - Melanie Davies
Earth's seven sisters - Thomas Barratt

Dr Carolyn Porco
March - April 2017

Enigmatic exoplanet orbits - Dr David Brown
Diamonds from Space - Jim Rowe
Asteroseismology, variable stars, and a very lucky trip to New Zealand - Thomas Shutt
The Brecon Beacons Observatory - Martin Griffiths

Dr Sandra Magnus
January - February 2017

The jewels of Perseus - Martin Griffiths
The origins of popular astronomy - Dr Allan Chapman
A day in the life of a radio astronomer - Dr Megan Argo
Is Proxima b habitable? - Amber Hornsby

Prof Chris Lintott
November - December 2016

Prague's astronomical clock - Ian Birrell
The space photometry revolution - Prof Donald Kurtz
Superrotating atmospheres - Dr David Stevenson

Prof John Zarnecki
September - October 2016

Mercury - more than a mote in the Sun's eye - Prof David Rothery
Kielder Spring 2016 Star Camp - Stuart Atkinson
Juno - probing Jupiter's depths - Josh Hayes
Astronomy in western art - Dr Jan Drozd
July - August 2016

Impact assessment - Dr Ted Nield
Supernova: a blast from the past - Melanie Davies
The mysteries of dark matter - Thomas Shutt
The rise and rise of SpaceX - Conor Farrell
Surveyor: the precursor to Apollo - Vick Haviland
May - June 2016

The transit of Mercury - Alan Clitherow and Robin Scagell
Return to the ice giants - Joseph Scaife
Oscillating neutrinos change flavour: The 2015 Nobel Prize winning discovery - Chloe McElvaney
Ripples in space open new window on cosmos - Steven Thomson

Dr Matt Taylor