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I am a freelance science writer and editor with a background in astronomy. I contribute to Astronomy Now magazine, BBC Sky at Night magazine, All About Space magazine, NASA's Astrobiology Magazine, Skymania News, and Sen. I was also the editor of Popular Astronomy magazine.

I was an astrophysics postdoctoral researcher at the University of Warwick for three years, and I organised the UK Community Exoplanet Conference in 2015. I obtained my PhD from Keele University in 2014 and my thesis title was "Spectral analyses of solar-like stars". My research involved refining stellar parameters with the aim of improving our understanding of both stars and planets. I completed my masters in astronomy at Swinburne University of Technology via the Swinburne Astronomy Online programme in 2010, and I obtained my degree in physics with astronomy from Dublin City University in 2008.

Email: amanda[at]amandadoyle.co.uk

Last updated: 29/07/18